And so it begins…

“To blog or not to blog,” that was the question. I am a woman with many hats (what woman doesn’t wear many hats, right?) and so when considering blogging, my biggest hang up was what to blog about. Well, the only common thread I could piece together was that even in my complexities and many hats that I wear, beauty is at the center…the beauty of God, the beauty of my family and life, the beauty of my work and purpose.

Beauty is beyond make up brushes. It’s beyond the skin we cover with concealers and colors. It’s beyond the skin we care for trying to escape the wrinkles and age spots. Beauty is in the heart of all I think about, talk about, and act on. Even in the midst of life’s ugliest circumstances, there is something beautiful to be thankful for because God can use the bad for good. Even if the only beautiful part of ugly is that it doesn’t last forever…it’s still beautiful for it transforms us one experience at a time. Prayerfully the transformation is like that of a caterpillar into a butterfly.

I pray that my transformation which serves as my testimony will leave behind a beautiful legacy to all those I’m blessed to meet throughout my life. I pray my legacy gives hope and boosts confidence as well as a desire for others to seek the beauty within so they too can live fully the dreams written on their hearts.







Published by beautywithsophia

humble servant. mission heart. wife. mommy. genuine. purposeful. blessed. simple yet complex. surprising. constantly growing. always in progress. prayerfully influencing. specializing in boosting confidence.

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