I resolve to be content…

I started a new Bible study recently. It’s the Resolution study for women by Priscilla Shirer. Wouldn’t you know the very first resolution is contentment. I say that word a lot…content. My dear friend and life coach, Kat Lessin- Life by my Design, once asked me to define “contentment” because contentment is one of those things that I might use to keep from progressing forward towards my dreams. Ever since that conversation I’ve caught myself stopping before saying “I’m content”.

Today, as I SOAPed through Romans 3 (a method of Bible study too), I had an interesting revelation…I can be content while progressing forward and be at peace while finding joy in the process! That seems impossible in today’s pessimistic world, but I’ve found that sweet spot and I’m living it. It feels so good!

Does this mean that I’ve figured it all out and now I’ve reached some kind of final destination? Absolutely not! It just means that what I’ve come to understand is that being content with where God has me allows me to savor every second of the experience. I learn while being content.  I grow while being content. I become more like the woman He created me to be for this particular time in life and all of that is preparing me for the next place I will progress forward to.

The best part is, I’ve realized the reason I’m finding joy, peace, and contentment while still journeying to my dreams is that my dreams were imprinted on my heart by He who created me. This means that every part of the journey He has planned for. There is no part of my life that is separate from His plan as everything I am and will be is in direct relation to His purpose for creating me.  All He asks is that I say yes to what He wants me to receive and yes to what I must do to receive it. It’s that simple.

I resolve to savor every second of where God has me. I resolve to learn the lesson that comes with every difficulty and discomfort along the way. I resolve to give thanks in all things especially trials that help me grow to become who I must become to receive all He has reserved for me. I resolve to be content.

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