add a little sunshine :)

I love the sunshine! Something about the warmth on my skin that makes me beam with joy.

Today in church our message was about God’s daily presence and finding Him in the details.When we take time to reflect on past experiences it is amazing to see how God has worked through the events of our lives, but sometimes finding God when life is not so sunny takes more effort.

I had breakfast with friends today and hours after our conversation my eyes have a new perspective on something. The last four years have been a battle for me. I’ve been on a journey of finding myself, understanding my place in this world, and being okay with where God has me moment to moment. I said to my friend Melissa, “with all that’s going on with people around me I am wondering why my life isn’t so hard right now”. Yes, crazy ol’ me complaining about not facing a hardship?! I simply, jokingly asked, “have I just gotten so used to my hardships that I don’t even consider them hardships anymore?”.

Sitting here I wanted to blog because it’s been a while and I started just to talk about loving this beautiful sunny day that God has blessed me with and now, I am thanking God for giving me new eyes to see that my life isn’t free from hardships. I am still facing many difficulties, but living life in anticipation of what God is doing has turned my hardships into opportunities.

What a joy it is to have peace being wherever God has me. What an encouragement it is to recognize that God made a way for me to have breakfast and great conversation with dear friends this morning that would give me this perspective.

What a blessing it is to belong to a God who loves me enough to be concerned with all of the details of my life.

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