“Swim in your OWN lane!”

Yesterday I talked with my dear friend and wedding photographer extraordinaire, Amanda. I LOVE conversations with this lady! God uses her in every conversation to check my walk and for that I am grateful and she is simply irreplaceable!

When Amanda and I talk we typical start out on one topic and skim a million topics by the end of the discussion usually leaving us filled up and ready to go home and reflect to make sense of all the deep life lessons pertinent for the current life experience facing us. Sometimes I don’t even realize there is a lesson to be learned until a particular point from our conversation continues to filter through my thoughts as I read things, pray about things, or experience things in my day.

So this morning I sat down to read The Resolution for Women by Priscilla Shirer (if you are in need of a great Bible Study to improve yourself, this is the study for you) and the title for today’s resolution is “Authentically Me”. I felt this urgency to reread my underlined points from the previous resolution entitled “Purposely Feminine” and this caught my attention:

Refusing to stay in our assigned lane, swerving into a driving position we’re not designed to occupy, will always lead to dissatisfaction…Nothing can truly and ultimately be enjoyed when we’re not willing to remain within our roles and boundaries.

I had a God moment. The most appealing part of my business is that I am able to create my ideal lifestyle and yet this appealing element can sometimes also be the one thing that trips me up the most. Being human,  as soon as I think I’ve created my ideal lifestyle I start to look around and wonder if I’ve created the right one.

As I read this morning and listened for the Lord I can honestly say I am where God wants me to be and I am in the process of creating my ideal lifestyle. My priorities are in tact, my God is in control, I am definitely swimming in my own lane.

I can look around at everyone around me and find reasons I should be swimming in their lane instead of the one I’m in, but as soon as I’m in their lane I’ll look around and find another that looks a bit more appealing for the moment and after trying them all out I’ll find the only one for me is that which the Lord created specifically for me. He made me with all of my gifts and talents  and a specific dream planted on my heart so naturally I will be unsatisfied unless I am living authentically as me.

Whose lane are you swimming in today?


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