Present for You?

Hi, my name is Sophia, and I am a control freak! I have a serious problem. For example, though I strongly dislike laundry (I’d rather clean toilets than do laundry), I have a certain routine and method of folding my laundry so when someone graciously folds my laundry for me, I secretly take it back to my room and refold it. I have the same issue with dishes, morning routines, etc. The list could go on and before you judge me, understand I’m this way because when things go just as they’re supposed to, my day tends to run smoothly.

Let’s be real for a moment though…how often does everything go the way it’s supposed to? I mean, I do have 3 kids who don’t understand mom’s crazy obsession with routines and methods…our days are almost never as planned. So, the other day I was going through the motions of our usual morning routines when Christopher decides it’s a good time to take a minute and play some basketball outside. WHAT?!?!?!?! Our morning routine does NOT include basketball! I stopped for a minute and went out to the garage to tell him to get back to doing what he’s supposed to do and with a smile wide on his face he says, “Hey Mom, watch this”. I sat down and indulged his request much to my delight. The happiness in those 5 minutes of watching him was a gift for me. It was a gift of living in the present. I won’t ever have those same 5 minutes back, but they were well spent.

This same week before homework was finished my boys asked if we could please go to the park for a little while before doing our usual stuff. I first said no and then looked at their disappointed faces and thought…why not? I decided on a compromise and told them when homework was finished we could go for a little bit. Their homework was done in record time and we were headed to the park, but not before my son Brandon hands me a blanket and simply says, “here, Mom, I want you to relax when we go”. This would have been a missed moment had I not taken just a bit of time to indulge in the present.

Later the same day I was driving the same routine for my usual weekday and I found myself caught up in the boring drive wishing we weren’t hitting so many stoplights and as I rolled down my window and breathed in the crisp Fall air and felt the warm sun on my arm I indulged in the present and just thanked God for a minute of pause to enjoy the moment.

In my attempt to have control that I really will never have as it’s not mine to have, I miss out on so many things. It’s my goal to start living more in the present to truly embrace the gift of each moment whether planned or not.

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