My Boy

Christopher – “Steadfast in Christ”


My boys is getting baptized tomorrow at our church’s annual beach baptism. I’m reflective this morning. In 9 short years he’s been molded so much through painful and joyous experiences.

As a mommy my heart sometimes hurts thinking I could have done more to protect him from some hurts and yet he just wouldn’t be who he is without what he’s gone through. That’s the truth for all of us. What I take comfort in is knowing that God already knew all that Christopher would experience and He knows what more is to come. I trust the Lord has Christopher’s best interest at heart and am relieved to see that in just 9 years God has done an incredible job with this boy.

Christopher is smart, compassionate, intuitive, he’s an outside of the box thinker, a nurturer when allowed to nurture. He’s wise beyond his years and yet innocent and a child at the same time.
He is unique for sure and my life was forever changed by this boy.

I am his mom and yet he teaches me so much. Even now in preparation for baptism I have learned so much. My greatest lesson right now – that I just have to love him the best I can and leave the rest in God’s hands. He grows and learns in my unconditional love. I must teach him with love, discipline him with love, lead him in love, and humbly learn from him out of love.

Lord, I am in awe of this boy you are molding. I leave him in your capable hands and will take in every second of watching him grow to be the man you made him to be. I am grateful for the opportunity to be his mom. Thank you for choosing me.

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