Business of Confidence Boosting

When I signed my beauty consultant agreement 7 years ago I honestly didn’t think it would become anything other than a way to get the products I wanted at a discount and maybe sell products to a few close friends and family members.

I found myself attending my first meeting and when asked to introduce myself by saying my name, I cried. I cried the rest of the meeting and drove home thinking I was nuts if I thought I’d be able to attend more meetings and turn this into a business. I was a shy lady and registered darn near 0 on the confidence meter. Seven years later I’ve come to see this business as more than a discount or a little extra money. This business has provided the safe place and perfect nurturing to blossom.

I realized today that it’s not the titles, the freedom to move up when I want, the money, the flexibility, the prizes, the tax deductions, the discounts, or even the friendships that keep me independently working with this company: it’s the passion in boosting other’s confidence through praising them and mentoring them that I most enjoy.

As an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay I specialize in confidence boosting. I do this through teaching other’s how to care for their skin and apply make up to enhance their unique beauty. I also boost confidence in others by offering them an opportunity to seek their dreams and achieve great things while praising them and encouraging them.

I am blessed beyond measure with the opportunities I have been given and wait in expectant anticipation for the opportunities still to come.

Published by beautywithsophia

humble servant. mission heart. wife. mommy. genuine. purposeful. blessed. simple yet complex. surprising. constantly growing. always in progress. prayerfully influencing. specializing in boosting confidence.

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