Endless Possibilities in the Hands of the Creator…

This past Saturday I had the sheer pleasure of being photographed by Amanda Driver of Driver Photo. Today I’ve looked over those captured moments several times. I’m not vain, trust me..it’s hard for me to look at pictures of myself, but with each glance of the pictures I notice the perfect shading of colors all around me. I notice the way the light has hit the lens of the camera and made a unique prism. I noticed how Amanda was able to capture the sunlight in such a way that there is a tremendous glow around me…bouncing off of me.  I noticed the look on my face and in my eyes and reflected back to what I was feeling out there.

While she was photographing me I was at peace, delighted, joyful, content to follow any of her instructions. I was perfectly trusting. I didn’t question anything she asked me to do, even if it seemed outrageous. She was in control because she knew what she was looking for…she was the creator.

Lesson learned: that’s how God wants me to be with Him. Perfectly serene. Trusting. Peaceful to receive His instructions. Confident to just go with it no matter how outrageous it seems.

For two weeks I’ve been a part of an “experimental group”. We’re committed to praying on behalf of one another for 40 days. These prayers are not halfhearted prayers…there are two specific prayer requests from each participant and each day we “pray circles” around one another. It’s truly a beautiful experience that leaves me feeling confident, more empowered, more in awe each time I finish praying.  I don’t know how God will answer our prayers, but I do know that He is listening and with each word that reaches His ear I imagine him smiling and saying, “I’m making something beautiful out of this”.

Already He is opening my eyes to different perspectives. He is giving me joy in all circumstances. He is prying each finger up one by one so that He can do even more with what He has given me. He is certainly making something beautiful and I am so excited to see the masterpiece as he continues to work on it and reveal it to me. One day I’ll look back on my life like I’ve looked back at the photos today and when I do I’ll notice the intricate details and be thankful that I surrendered to the Creator.Image

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