When God’s vision exceeds mine…


This whole Seminar year I have been working pretty consistently, but certainly did not expect that come May I would be so close to finishing Court of Sales and earning my first diamond ring. An excitement bubbled from deep within and after praying and consulting a wise friend I decided to pray hard and go for it!

All of May I made a very public display of my goal and enlisted the help of any willing friend and many were willing (thank you so much). I worked incredibly hard within my boundaries of balance and come the last day of the month I was so super close that I couldn’t imagine God NOT wanting this goal finished.

For 4 days I’ve been called to a period of quietness and stillness. In my stubborness I wanted my answer to be “Yes, finish it! Get the ring, walk the stage”, but something remained unsettled in me. So, this morning, after talking with that same wise friend and praying again, I came to the realization that the ring had somewhat clouded my vision and that though God did set the goal on my heart, it was for far greater purpose…for a way bigger vision!


I have been praying for months that God would grow my trust and my faith. He has, I had to trust Him to carry me through the work I would have to do to complete this goal.I had to trust He would bless every single effort I put into it. I had to trust Him even more to release the ring and the recognition so I could see and fulfill His bigger plan.

I always said it was never really about the ring. I wanted mostly to know I could work as hard as I have and reach a goal way beyond me. In my humanness I allowed it to become about the ring for a short period of time wanting to say “I finished it” and walk the Seminar stage, but in God’s eyes I can still finish the goal (His goal) and I will. I might not have the ring, but I have God’s vision. His vision is more beautiful and purposeful than mine had been. See, in God’s vision, I would grow more into the woman he wants me to be…a woman he can use in the lives of others even more…in ways I wasn’t seeing until now.

Through this goal I’ve watched many people become more motivated. I’ve watched people see a greater potential in themselves. I’ve swallowed my own pride just a little bit more and I’ve grown tremendously from it. Even more, God has laid a greater desire on my heart to work and utilize my business in ways I wasn’t.

I’m not letting go of the goal that was laid on my heart…it just looks a bit different. Instead of walking across the stage to receive a ring, I will continue to work towards the finish line and donate 10% of my sales from both May and June (the two months I had committed to finishing the goal) to Compassion’s Water of Life Program. You can read about it here: Compassion Water of Life.

I want to close with this verse that God gave me this morning and then confirmed in me when I sat down to Bible study this morning, “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps” Proverbs 16:9. In “Draw the Circle” by Mark Batterson he writes, “The Hebrew word kun, translates in Proverbs 16:9 as ‘establishes,’ can also be translated as ‘determines,’ ‘prepares,’ ‘ provides,’ ‘sets in place,’ ‘directs,’ ‘firmly decides,’ ‘makes secure.’ It’s a meticulous word that involves careful planning right down to the smallest detail. It’s a redemptive word that celebrates God’s ability to redeem past experiences and recycle them for future opportunities. It’s a calming word that imparts confidence in the fact that God has everything under control”.

The future has endless opportunities and praise God for having them all under control!


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