Lasso Yourself

As I respond in obedience to the Lord I find myself with some extra time on my hands and this is where He has led me to spend it.

I am part of a women’s small group and we have taken a 40 day prayer challenge together as we read Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson. Almost two weeks into this challenge and I am having a surreal moment. To explain in words what is happening won’t do it justice.

One must really experience a journey such as this and I hope you will, but what I want to share today is this thought…

God created us so uniquely and so intricately…each detail planned precisely even before we were in our mother’s womb (Jeremiah 1:5). If One took that much effort to create us, he must also desire so deeply to be included in our daily lives.

As a mom I think about how I carried my babies and had a part to do with them coming to life, but I didn’t create the DNA that formed them, nor did I orchestrate the precise way in which their father and I would meet so each of our kids could have the exact uniqueness that God intended. I didn’t plan them (HA! Infact 2 of the 3 were conceived while on birth control) yet I want my kids to want to spend time with me. I want them to forever include me in their every struggle, every question, every victory!

As their mom it’s my job to guide them, to protect them, to breathe belief back into them when this world breaks them down.

Right now our group is experiencing major hurdles. This isn’t a surprise. We knew that when we banned together in prayer that we were entering into God’s presence and the enemy isn’t going to just stand back and let that happen.

This all sparked an image for me.

I want to be lassoed to the Lord!

James 4:8 says “Draw close to God, and God will draw close to you”

If we’re lassoed to Him and life starts pulling at us the lasso just gets tighter!

So Friends, I urge you to lasso yourself to God and cling to Him for the ride.

It will likely be a rough one if you’re on the right road, but a rough road is much easier to endure when you’ve got the right company.


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