Have you ever had a moment when you thought, “geez, I just don’t deserve this” and you didn’t even think it in a negative way…you just simply meant, “how on earth could I possibly be this blessed?”.

That’s exactly how I feel right now.

God gave me Him as an eternal Father, but he didn’t stop there. God gave me a set of  wonderful parents. In their strengths and weaknesses along with their hard work and sacrifice I have learned and gained so much, but He didn’t stop there. God gave me a circle of influence and it keeps growing and growing. In the middle of this circle he gave me Billy and Melissa Duker.

These two are an example of a God centered marriage where God can work in miraculous ways simply because the two remain willing to let God stay in the spotlight. On top of that, they pour their love into those around them and even take in  extra kids like me. They teach me so much and they shower me with unconditional love. They support me, encourage me, occasionally save me from myself, but really their greatest gift to me is that they pray for me as though I was one of their own.

If Heaven required recommendations you’d have mine ❤

Published by beautywithsophia

humble servant. mission heart. wife. mommy. genuine. purposeful. blessed. simple yet complex. surprising. constantly growing. always in progress. prayerfully influencing. specializing in boosting confidence.

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