Walking through God’s Doors

Just back from my first of many firsts…

-My first trip outside of the US since I was able to remember

-My first stamp in my first adult passport

-My first missions trip

-My first encounter of Honduras

-My first experience of unreserved giving from the most unexpected givers

-My first experience of hugging our sponsored child, racing through giant blow up obstacle courses for way more hours than my body really should have

-My first look into the eyes of a perfect stranger and feeling a deep, unreserved love

-My first experience of accepting and loving myself truly for exactly who I am, where I’ve come from, and smiling with anticipation for what doors God will open next.

It is amazing what comes when we step through God’s opened doors.

The Hondurans understand this. They don’t question God’s call and they certainly don’t doubt His answers to their call. They just say, “Yes, Lord” and take the next step.

Lord, I too want to live a life walking through your doors. Thank you for the experience of firsts. With each obedient step I take you are faithful to open the next door even if the one I had just stepped through gets closed.

I’m looking forward to the whole journey until the day I walk through the beautiful gates of Heaven.


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