Let the decompression begin…


3 days being home and I don’t think it’s completely sunk in. The only thing I can really say to describe what I feel is that I genuinely left a piece of my heart in Honduras. Perhaps as I reflect over my notes and remember my time I will be able to encompass the experience in mere words, but to understand you’d have to go for yourself.

I think of my wonderful team that accompanied me and what they must be feeling coming home to the convenience of running water that stays hot. I think about my kids who can play outside without the same seriousness of danger that lurks in the streets in Honduras. I consider the amount of opportunities that abound here and the minimal number of people taking full advantage of those opportunities because it’s too hard or inconvenient.  I look around at the people here and see their stress, their lack of joy, their discontentment and shake my head for they have no comprehension of what it truly means to be joyful in all circumstances and because of this some people will never experience the freedom such joy produces. This saddens me.

Before I left Honduras I had the pleasure of an early morning conversation with Bill Duker (a second dad to me). He basically asked me what I got out of the trip. I’ll leave you with a quick list of what I got out of saying “Yes, Lord” to a week in Honduras:

-It’s great to step outside of your comfort zone and borders…you grow while also appreciating what you have.

-The team you travel with becomes family and roots in your community deepen

-You get a grip on realizing this isn’t about “me”, it’s much bigger than that

-You have a multitude of chances to look into the eyes of a perfect stranger and see a brother or sister whom you instantly feel love and compassion for. You realize you were missing a piece of the puzzle until you meet them!

-You get embraced by people who are poor in the world’s eyes, but richer than any millionaire you’ll ever know. They give endlessly making you feel like such a Scrooge, but more importantly leaving you wanting to find more ways you too can give more generously.

-You experience miracles you weren’t even able to see because you were too busy doubting or maybe you didn’t know you could really ask and receive.

-You realize what’s truly important and what are just luxuries that cloud your vision, dim your light, and diminish your ability to be fully used for good.

– You have an opportunity to ask questions like: Who am I? What am I doing? What can I be doing? How can I make a difference even if just in one life?

So Friends, I challenge you to a life changing perspective shift. Pray for God to lead you to an opportunity like Love Does Honduras where He can open your eyes to the abundance he wants for you. Maybe He won’t call you to leave your city, but if you ask him to open your eyes to have his vision, I’m sure he’ll answer in ways you wouldn’t have thought.

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2 thoughts on “Let the decompression begin…

  1. Your heart is one of pureness, and I love the way you let the Lord take your heart and lead you into such special journeys as going to Honduras…thanks, dear Sophia, sister in the Lord…

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