You Are Where You Are Because of the Choices You’ve Made

Yes, I am!

I’m a divorced, single, homeschooling mommy of 3. I teach piano after long days of cleaning, cooking, and teaching my kids. If that isn’t enough I am also an Independent Beauty Consultant who co-leads a small group on Saturday nights and helps in the 2nd/3rd grade choir class on Sundays. Geez…I guess I shouldn’t start any dating site profile with that opener, huh?

Typical week…

Saturdays are a blessing…it is the ONE day a week we can sleep in. The kids enjoy these days as I try to keep the day time open for whatever we decide we’d like to spend the day doing. Saturday nights are reserved for the Lord. We go to church and the kids graciously sit through what will be 1 of 2 or sometimes 3 services. They don’t complain much as they understand what is I am doing when I go up and co-lead a women’s small group each Saturday night. We stick around for campfire and the kids are happy enjoying smores and time with friends.

Sunday 6AM alarm goes off, snooze gets hit multiple times before I actually get up and get myself ready. 7AM kids get up and get ready. 8AMish we’re out the door for choir. 9AM-10:15AM I pour love out to little kids who may or may not want to be singing and doing choreographed moves on their Sunday morning, but I’m there anyway smiling and sharing the love of Jesus with them. 10:30AM I am running my kids to their appropriate rooms before I head into service to fill my cup back up so I am ready for the week to come. The rest of Sunday is spent with my kids unwinding or getting ready for the week to come. We end the night with Sunday Sundaes…a prayer routine that involves sweets, talking about where God is moving in our lives, and memory making.

Monday 6AM alarm goes off , snooze gets hit multiple times before I actually get up and get myself ready. I am praying and thanking God for another day and begging Him to give me all I need to get through the week. 7AMish kids are up and SLOWLY moving along. Homeschool starts at 8AM (well it’s supposed to). We dive in being flexible when needed and sometime around 12PM-1PM we’re finished. The rest of the day is spent taking care of things needing to be done, but filled with conversations that warm my heart…the same conversations that my kids will remember the rest of their lives.

Tuesdays follow the same morning routine except this day the kids are rushed off to the school campus where they can socialize with their peer group. I spend my morning working my MK business with phone calls and networking. The hour before I pick up the kids I make necessary phone calls and I arrive on campus at 2:45PM to pick up the kids and spend the rest of the day with them.

Wednesdays are particularly long days. Mornings start the same and include homeschooling. At 1:15PM I have the joy of teaching several piano students and when my teaching is finished for the day I quickly assemble dinner, throw on heels, load up my kids, and put on my smile because it’s time to work my Mary Kay business and pour into the lives of people around me. This week in particular I was blessed to have my son tell me, “Mom, I had a lot of fun tonight. I know you work hard and I enjoyed being with you”.

Thursday is another on campus day. This is the one day a week I can take a time out in the morning and spend a good chunk of time in quiet with just me and the Lord. I work my MK business and run whatever errands must get taken care of. 2PM I pick up the kids and head straight home as piano teaching begins promptly at 3PM and goes until 7:30PM. We’re blessed with the help of Miss Alexis on this day (seriously a major blessing). On Thursday nights when I’ve finished teaching piano, I spend an hour or so snuggling my babies before it’s bedtime. Bedtime is the same every night of the week…tucked in and prayed over…sometimes one at a time (with a back rub…some nights I’m blessed to be the recipient) and sometimes as a group.

By the time Friday rolls around I am praising God for getting us through the craziest parts of our weeks and praying for a productive school day that the kids enjoy. Today was certainly not a smooth homeschool day. I was completely on edge and very snappy. Our day went longer than most schooling days, but I was abundantly blessed and reminded why I choose to do life this way…Christopher looked up at me while we were finishing the last two subjects of the day and said, “Mom, I really enjoyed homeschooling today. I feel like I learned a lot and it was fun”. I was thinking to myself, “REALLY?! PRAISE GOD!

Yes, I may be a divorced, single, homeschooling mommy of 3, but I’m more than that…I inspire, encourage, boost confidence, and breathe belief into the lives of those around me. Most of my life is spent with my children and I wouldn’t change that. In the words of Amy Kemp, “I’m not raising my kids to survive the world, I’m raising them to change the world”. My days are full and though some months we barely make it, I’ve accomplished things that money will never buy.

I have 3 children who will indeed make a difference in this world. They might not become millionaires or ever be well known to the world, but they know what it means to store up treasures in heaven. They take out the trash (sometimes without having to be asked). They open doors for others (sometimes even fight over who is going to hold the door open). They carry out grocery bags and even take the cart back to the appropriate place. They stop to pray for people they notice in need. They tell me when I’ve handled something inappropriately and they also go out of their way to praise me when I’ve done something well. They know what it feels like to humble themselves and admit when they’ve done something wrong. They take responsibility for their actions. They know how to communicate and will stand up for themselves, but they’re also learning how to walk away when necessary even if it’s unfair.

Yes, I am where I am because of the choices I’ve made and for right now, I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

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