God at Work


I was looking over my Facebook page just a little bit ago and ran across a “note” I had posted a while back. I wanted to share it again here because it was a reminder to watch for where God is truly at work in the midst of our busy, overwhelming lives. See, some days, I get myself all worked up drowning in the circumstance instead of reveling in how God is using the good, the bad, and the ugly to create His masterpiece.

Everyday I work endlessly. From the moment I wake up until the moment I am passed out in exhaustion I am constantly looking for the next thing or the next person God wants me to pour out love into. Some people might think I’m living life so crazy that I couldn’t possibly be enjoying any part of it, but that is just not true. I am crazy in awe of God and how much he is blessing me through this way of life…a life surrendered with full abandon.

Thinking about Christopher just makes my heart swell with pride. Not in the sense that he’s some perfect kid because let’s be honest…there is no such thing as a perfect kid or adult. He is your average 10 year old with struggles, curiosities, attitude, and everything else that comes with your standard boy. Underneath all that he is also a child of God who has found his Savior, made a declaration of that in baptism, and is now giving it his best go at this life until he too can celebrate at the feet of Jesus in Heaven. As I reread my note, I just had to give thanks to God for allowing me to be a part of Christopher’s story…for choosing me to be called Mom by him. I was not equipped when God blessed me with such a great responsibility, but God has equipped me every step of the way. I’m honored to call him my son and look forward to the day he too gets to revel in the blessing of being a parent.

Below is the note I reread today:

February 23, 2012 at 9:47am

Many of you know the very difficult year we had with Christopher last school year. This year he had the opportunity to earn his own netbook when he worked towards correcting some negative thinking and poor choices. This task has been a HUGE battle and I praise God for everything He has been at work on. From the beginning of the school year til now he (Riff) has done an average job, but has managed to stay out of the principal’s office and really own up to things in the proper way when he has a rough day.


This past week I’ve watched God really go to work on Riff. I was reflecting this morning as I prayed blessings and protection over the boys. I realized something big. Though Christopher’s been hard working towards a material reward which has helped us give him a reason to make some necessary changes, Nick and I have also had to make some changes. We’ve had to really be cautious of the example we’re leading for our kids. I’ve watched Nick take a more active role in implementing Biblical principals all the way down to the decor in his home. I feel like God has done a complete renovation on me, growing me tremendously. I’m realizing that while Christopher’s reward is exciting to him, our reward as parents has been priceless!


I’ve been praying the Prayer of Jabez along with praying 2 Thessalonians 1:11-12 (MSG) everyday and boy has God been answering that prayer everyday. Part of His answers have been laying it on my heart to implement certain traditions in our house to really make God a daily, living presence in the lives of the kids. In my effort to do this I make sure that when I have the kids we read before bed (1 chapter from a children’s classic book, 1 story from the Action Bible) and we pray together. On Sundays that I have the kids we do “Sunday Sundaes” we eat sundaes and record praise reports and prayer requests in a journal and pray together.


Yesterday, we implemented 1 additional element. I felt like every week flew by without any focused time on saying encouraging things and taking a time out to just enjoy one another. So, yesterday I started “Wednesday Check Ins”. We climbed on my bed together and cuddled in and took turns going around and giving 1 genuine compliment to each other. This is the compliment Christopher gave me, “Mom, I know I’ve been making some changes because I needed to make changes, but I know you’ve been making changes too. Some changes I like and some changes I don’t like, but I know the ones I don’t like are good for me so thank you”. ::sigh:: If my heart could sing aloud it would have been singing HALLELUJAH!


It’s taken almost a full school year to make the type of changes I had been praying for all along, but the thing that made the difference wasn’t just Christopher making changes, but those around him whom he looks up to making changes too. Don’t get me wrong, in the same 1 hour period he had a meltdown, but it wasn’t his meltdown that surprised me, it was my response. Instead of becoming completely frustrated and feeling like everything had just gone down the tube, I was calm, loving, and expectant that Christopher would soon see on his own what he needed to do. It took him a while to process, but totally figured it. He owned his choice, apologized, and actively worked to make it right.


God is sooooooo good! He is real, living, active, and present. I see Christopher transforming before my very eyes and I’m experiencing myself transform daily.I am excited to see the man Christopher grows into as I keep allowing God to work.Image

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