A New Journey Begins

Psalm 37:4

Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.


Interestingly, I am not an avid reader by nature. The contents of books on my book shelf, desk, and purse might make one assume differently, but if you knew me years ago you would know I have trained myself to become an avid reader. I’ve learned that there is so much wisdom to gain from the insights and imaginations of others and if God has gifted them the ability to write, I ought to read and make use of their gift so I can better make use of my own.

That being said, the Lord is the Mastermind of my reading selections. I told someone recently that God is present everywhere, we just choose whether we see him or not. I am always trying to find the many places God is at work and I undoubtedly see God at work when a random selection of books all somehow coincide to tackle areas in my life that I need to be paying attention to. Right now,  God is growing me in big ways. This growth has sparked my new journey.

I hope you’ll check in and follow me through this next six months. I’m not exactly sure what it will look like; however, I know God has laid it on my heart to start this journey and to share it with complete transparency (hence the blogging through it). I am a firm believer that we are who we are because of every piece of our life’s story. I also believe that a life’s story is wasted when we keep it to ourselves. We walk in our shoes to help those around us walk in their own, but the blessing in sharing is that we can help to spur others on as they continue to travel forward in spite of the stumbling stones and gnarly tumbles down the mountains and into the valleys.

My goal for the end of my 6 month journey is to truly know for myself what the desires of my heart are and to wait in joyful anticipation for God to give me the desires of my heart as I live with abandon, delighting in him.

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One thought on “A New Journey Begins

  1. LOVE THIS. You have so much insight to offer the world even without committing to telling your story. I can say that I now have a new reason to check my FB more often for the next 6 months. 😉

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