My Vision Assignment

I’m currently co-leading a small group for You’re Made for a God-Sized Dream Opening  the Door to All God Has for You  by Holley Gerth. The first chapter encourages readers to create a vision board. I enjoy writing much more than creating boards with cut outs so I wrote my vision. Here it is…

I am a happily married woman. My husband is a God fearing man who loves my kids and shares the same heart for ministry as me. Together we keep God at the focus of our lives and work to promote peace within our home.

I joyfully provide for the needs of our household by creating a space our family enjoys to dwell in. My husband knows I adore him and strive ot make his role head of our family smooth and enoyable. In return he adores me and treasures me like Christ does the church. He desires to provide financially as well as in example. He loves our family and nurtures us while protecting and defending us. We feel incredibly secure.

The Lord is glorified in all we stand for.

My husband and I work hard while balancing the priorities God has laid on our hearts. He understands my passion in my work and encourages me to be my best and provide my best. I too understand his passion for his work and encourage him to be his best and provide his best. Our children are blessed by this example.

Even when times are hard, we press on together taking whatever measures necessary to stay together.

Our home is beautiful. It welcomes all those whom the Lord sends our way. There is never a turnaway for God’s children are our family. God always provides enough. The focal point is the table – large and sturdy- a pictures of the Lord’s bounty. Many witness the love of Jesus at this table. The artwork that hangs by its side is simple, but meaningful – a memorial to the lives touched by Jesus at this place – a reminder that it isn’t about us – it’s about the Lord.

I’m learning that sometimes the vision in my mind isn’t exactly God’s vision, but God knows the desires written on my heart and even if details of this vision change, God will provide me my forever husband to create God’s perfect picture of our lives together.

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