Table for One

As I drove home tonight, my tummy growled at me signaling that I had only consumed coffee for the day…no good. I sent out a few text messages and nobody was able to join me so I continued driving all the way home until it dawned on me…why do I need a buddy to dine with?!

So, I made U-turn, parked at one of my favorite sushi places and walked in with book and journal in hand. “Table for One, please”. As I sat and ordered my plum wine, I crossed my legs, opened my book and inhaled a deep cleansing breath. As I took a look around I saw the normal chatter, the cute couples on dates, and the annoying crowd too loud for the atmosphere they were in. I couldn’t help but smile!
For an hour and 15 minutes I sipped my wine, took bites of my dinner, and indulged in a good book. As I read I found myself pausing to write notes, scribble out questions, really take in points to ponder, and at some point I realized…this wasn’t a table for one…I was on a date…a God date.

As usual, he met me right where I was. I wasn’t alone…in my singleness…at my table for one I was in perfect company.

Published by beautywithsophia

humble servant. mission heart. wife. mommy. genuine. purposeful. blessed. simple yet complex. surprising. constantly growing. always in progress. prayerfully influencing. specializing in boosting confidence.

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