Catch up with me…

Wow! It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything here.

Uh-oh…that must mean it’s time to unload the million thoughts that have flooded my mind over the last 5ish months…

Let’s do this in list format:

1. I have amazing children who are unique, drive me crazy some days, and delight my heart always.

2. I love my Mom…she and I are so different and yet so the same, but I look into her eyes these days and I realize some things about her that make me smile…I see the raw beauty in her that most don’t get to see…I see the questions and concerns in her eyes that she won’t dare share because she’s too busy trying to shoulder it for everyone…I see the mom in her and I love her.

3. I’m not the same woman I was 2 months ago and you know what? I really appreciate the woman I was then because it’s made me the woman I am right now.

4. Life sucks, but it’s really sweet when you can give life a swift kick in the butt by resolving to smile and pray through it knowing God’s got this.

5. Miracles happen when one fully surrenders…don’t mistake surrendering for giving up because that’s far from it….surrender just means being okay with the results no matter what because God knows best. Surrender is saying “yes” to God even when you don’t quite know what the outcome will be and especially when saying “yes” takes you outside of your comfort zone.

6. If you don’t understand why God’s allowing doors to be shut, just trust…doors shut so others can be open and new doors yield a much better blessing than the door you’ve been clinging to….as the song says…”let it go…” (that’s for you, Rosalinda).

7. There is beauty in the broken…take the time to find it and you’ll find treasure.

8. Everyone needs a good dose of reality accompanied by a mighty circle of influence who will pray with you and for you…the circle of influence who will also say the hard stuff you need to hear even if you don’t want to hear it.

9. Don’t settle for fast food when you can hold out for the full banquet…in other words…don’t forfeit the real blessings for a quick fix that doesn’t nourish you or serve a purpose other than to momentarily fill a void.

10. Live in such a way that others can benefit from what you have to sacrifice or suffer…someone ought to benefit from the tough stuff, right? There’s a blessing in watching others make good of what once seemed not so good.

…there’s a bit of random thoughts for now.


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