I surrender

“If we give more of ourselves to God, God will give more of Himself to us” – Mark Batterson

April 30, 2013

Father, I experienced this by saying “yes” even if saying yes means restoration. I’ve been hurt so much, but still if that’s what your will is – let your will be done. I released it to you and you’ve given me complete peace and joy – mostly I’ve gained a confidence – a contentment. Thank you. I’m in no hurry to manipulate your process. I only wish for Your will to be done. If that means a journey to restoration, I say yes. If it means a journey of singleness, I say yes. If it means a journey with someone else, I say yes, Lord.

A wise person is careful of what they say to the Lord. God follows through and he expects us to follow through on our word too. This note was written in my copy of “Draw the Circle”  that I have since read over and over again. Each time I read it I smile as I reflect back on how God has worked through those prayers. He has answered some. He has not answered some. He has whispered “my child, not yet” many times, but this prayer was answered May 15, 2015 and is a reminder to me that the Lover of my soul knows me through and through and has plans to prosper me, not to harm me. He has a hope and a future for me…a hope and future more beautiful than I can imagine.

I am in no hurry to manipulate your process…I only wish for your will to be done

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What’s next, Lord?

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