Small Business Spotlight

Meet Dawn Hickey, your local cozy fashion expert! Dawn is fun, upbeat, cute, and she makes shopping convenient. Her pop up boutiques allow women and little girls to shop her collection in the comfort of home while inviting friends to join in your shopping fun so you get free clothes too! How great is that?! Shop with your friends at home and get free clothes!

Some LularoeDawnHickey Facts:

* she comes to you to set up her pop up boutique (or you can arrange to pop in with her for those gotta have pieces for yourself)

*clothes are comfy

*clothes range in size from XXS to 3XL

* women’s and little girl clothes available

* prints have a limited number of quantity so chances are that the print you purchase is the only one of its kind for miles and miles and miles…so rock it, sister!

* The company is generous and fundraising is enthusiastically welcomed

* clothes are affordable

* she makes you feel welcomed, comfy, and absolutely taken care of

What are you waiting for? Schedule your LularoeDawnHickey Pop Up Boutique today! Find her on Facebook (LularoeDawnHickey) or E-mail her at

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humble servant. mission heart. wife. mommy. genuine. purposeful. blessed. simple yet complex. surprising. constantly growing. always in progress. prayerfully influencing. specializing in boosting confidence.

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