Suit up in that Armor

Caught up in my own mindtalk this week I approached this morning in desperation for God to heal my preoccupation of self and give me a dose of truth…His truth. I prayed the armor of God but this time from the good old words of  New King James translation and asked God to show me where I was leaving myself open to the enemy’s defeat. 

Often a person knowingly allows herself to believe a lie because of fear or self-pity (NKJV)

Okay Lord, must your response so be so blunt?

The heart must be kept pure and righteous because sin gives a foothold to the enemy

Umm…where have I sinned Lord? Show me.

Peace and reconciliation. 

Ugh! I am spreading peace….with those who make it easy to approach. It’s not like I can go thumping people on the head with a Bible! What about those who have a wall up? What about those who spread false accusations? What about those whose main goal is to stay as far away as possible? 

An undaunted sense of mission keeps the believer headed in the right direction. Faith acts as an invisible shield that deflects such false accusations. 

Lord, it’s hard and exhausting. I can only be who I am. What others perceive I can’t control.

Believers musts keep in constant communication with our Leader for direction and encouragement. Our prayers for one another are important and effectual. 

Pray on, dear Friends…I’ll join with you. The battle is real and won on bended knee. Praying circles over you. 


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