Tonight my kids went with their dad. I always have to readjust when this happens because it’s so different when I’m not having to be mom. I jumped in the shower and started shaving my legs and was surprised to find this fun little tattoo that my daughter put on me this afternoon. I smiled and thought…even when my kids aren’t with me, I’m always mom. Tonight I’m just mom on a little break.

There are no accidents…

People who know my whole story understand that the positivity that flows through me is only possible because of God. I won’t pretend as though I’ve lived some horrible kind of life because I am truly blessed beyond measure, but I have experienced deep pain that has paralyzed me and left me in some darkContinue reading “There are no accidents…”

You Are Where You Are Because of the Choices You’ve Made

Yes, I am! I’m a divorced, single, homeschooling mommy of 3. I teach piano after long days of cleaning, cooking, and teaching my kids. If that isn’t enough I am also an Independent Beauty Consultant who co-leads a small group on Saturday nights and helps in the 2nd/3rd grade choir class on Sundays. Geez…I guessContinue reading “You Are Where You Are Because of the Choices You’ve Made”

God-sized Dreaming…Somebody’s Gotta do It!

No one else can fulfill your purpose. No one else can make that dream happen. There is no plan B for what God has destined to come into being through you…That means your God-sized dream either happens through you or not at all. – Holley Gerth No pressure, right? Actually, it is pretty liberating! ImagineContinue reading “God-sized Dreaming…Somebody’s Gotta do It!”