Have you ever really looked at a photo and considered the story behind it? Sure, this picture looks like part of our family (we’re missing our two college kiddos) posing in front of our career car. Yes, we’re happy. Yes, this is exciting. Yes, we are so proud of this accomplishment, but there is so much more to this photo than what you see.

The three kids in this photo are standing here representing a 16 year long journey for which two of the three children have been along for the entire roller coaster ride. They have watched their momma set this goal over and over again. They’ve also been alongside of me to feel the sadness and disappointment when we didn’t finish it. Long before their stepdad was here, they filled the those shoes of encouragement and repeated the words, “it’s okay, momma, we’re still proud of you”, time and time again. But here, in this photo, we are commemorating what perseverance looks like.

This photo is a life lesson for these kids. Prayerfully, this photo is a nugget of hope for you. In this moment, these kids learned that when God’s timing is right, when we work hard despite our feelings, when stay focused on why we are doing what we are doing, we will eventually arrive at the destination to celebrate.