God-sized Dreaming…Somebody’s Gotta do It!

No one else can fulfill your purpose. No one else can make that dream happen. There is no plan B for what God has destined to come into being through you…That means your God-sized dream either happens through you or not at all. – Holley Gerth

No pressure, right? Actually, it is pretty liberating! Imagine that…being so perfect for a particular purpose that it just wouldn’t be fulfilled without you. I’ve come to learn that when God wants me to pay attention to something he will layer it and tie it up in a bow so that I’m sure not to miss it. I got my bow tonight reading this quote. Here’s the layering that took place before the finishing touch…

August 7, 2013 Amy Kemp shared the following:

-Have a vision beyond your resources. Vision way beyond our resources is where God is His best.

-I’m not raising my kids to survive the world, I’m raising them to change the world.

-If you are a woman and you have been given the gift of leadership then for God’s sake, LEAD!

August 7, 2013 Journal entry while on the plane home

Psalm 22:31 God does what he says.

Lord I believe you’ve set clear visions for me – that you have laid plans on my heart for me to carry out with you. I believe you’ve given me everything I need to fulfill your plans for me. Father use me- here I am.

Psalm 23:1-3

God, my Shepherd! I don’t need a thing. You have bedded me down in lush meadows, you find me quiet pools to drink from. True to your Word, you let me catch my breath and send me in the right direction.

This trip was your precise planning- to refocus my vision; to plant me on firm ground; to grow my faith; to show me what it means to trust you, seek you, depend on you. Thank you for your provision. Lord, as I step out in faith please show me the people you want me to work with. Help me to make every single person I come in contact with feel special.

August 8, 2013-August 16, 2013 while in Honduras

I saw what putting action to a call looks like. Even if the call is to help just 1 person, the world can be changed 1 person at a time. I was able to see for my own eyes what it means to have vision way beyond resources and how God moves mountains because of unreserved obedience and unwavering faith.

Tonight at a leaders dessert

I had a moment in which I had to close my eyes and smile in contentment. God’s whisper was so clear, “my child, this is part of the vision. You are living my God-sized dream for you one piece at a time”.

God-sized dreams can be big or small. They come in spite of life’s challenges to prove God’s greatness. They exist because God wants to use us for his kingdom. God-sized dreams are one of a kind. They aren’t about “me”, they’re about purpose. God-sized dreams aren’t about mediocrity, they’re about passion. They’re not about convenience, they’re about persistence til the race is finished and the battle is won.

So my brothers and sisters, choose to live your God-sized dreams! Live them purposefully, passionately, and persistently. Nobody else can.

Who wants perfect anyway?

Sometimes I dream of what it would be like to have the perfect children. The kind of kids who go to bed when they’re tucked in the first time, not after the 15th time of coming up with some genius reason they need something more… the kind of kids who use their manners at all times, not just when they want something…the kind of kids who don’t sigh when they have to put their laundry away, but instead see the pile of laundry and take it upon themselves to fold and put away everyone’s not just theirs. Oh! What bliss!

I woke up this morning praying God’s hand upon me and my children today as I knew it was going to be a busy day and completing my “to do” list while being attentive to my kids would take some effort. Oh it definitely took effort today…

Woke up to kids who were less than thrilled to have to help sort, fold, and put away laundry. They were even more excited to have to clean up their room and read for 15 minutes on a holiday. How dare I, right?? Several times today I gave thought to those “perfect kids”…I thought about the perfect kids as I cringed when Bella slipped at the pool after I had told her several times not to run. I thought about the perfect kids when Brandon squirted my hair with the water gun after I had just told him not to wet my hair. I thought about those perfect kids when I was yelling at Christopher to get off of the roof after he had thrown his basketball up there knowing he is not allowed to do that. I thought about those perfect kids as I glanced at the clock at 10pm realizing I started our bedtime routine at 8pm and somehow I just managed to get all 3 kids to sleep at 10pm! I thought about those perfect kids off and on all day, but as I’m sitting here smelling my green tea in the quiet of this house, I’m thankful for the very children I’ve been blessed with because because in all of their imperfections, they were perfectly created for me.

As I reflect tonight, I am thankful for my perfect enough son, Brandon, who came to me this morning and said, “Mom, can I just sit with you for a few minutes?”. I am thankful for my perfect enough son, Christopher, who when I walked into a dark bedroom to do our bedtime prayer and tuck in said, “Mom, it’s okay, I already prayed over us and we’re going to sleep now so you can do other things”. I am thankful for my perfect enough daughter, Isabella, who when we laid down for bed said, “It’s my turn now to pay…”Dear God, I praises You in all things (followed by gibberish I didn’t understand) AMEN!”.

They’re perfect enough for me. What would I have to be thankful for if not for the mini victories throughout our many imperfect days?

I love you three beautiful blessings!